Tri-Dim Canada

Rigid Cell/ASHRAE Filters

Tri-Cell™ ASHRAE and Syn-Pac R filters are designed to provide medium to high efficiency filtration in critical applications. Their rigid galvanized frames are available in either single header or box style, and are available in both Class 1 and Class 2.

V-Cell Predator Filter


The Tri-Dim™ Tri-Cell ASHRAE is construction from a continuous sheet of glass micro-fibre paper. The specially designed graduated density media allows for a greater retention of particles within the depths of the media and result in increased service life.
V-Cell Predator Filter

Tri-Cell XLR

Tri-Cell XLR – The Tri-Cell XLR offers all the performance of a 12” deep filter in a compact and environmentally conscious design. The Tri-Cell XLR offers essentially the same media area, resistance, efficiency and service life as its 12” predecessor. However the XLR is constructed with no metal components, offers reduced shipping and storage cost, reduced disposal costs as well as efficiencies that qualify for LEED credits.
Synpak R Filter

Syn-Pac R

The Syn-Pac R extended surface air filter uses a fully synthetic, progressive density micro-fibre media. This creates a high retention capacity for dust particles and allows for greater total utilization of the media. The filter frame is constructed from galvanized steel. The pleated media pack is constructed from a continuous sheet of media, supported on the air leaving side by a non-woven synthetic backing, and an "expanded diamond" metal grid.