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Committed to exceeding customer expectations.

Tri-Dim Canada is committed to exceeding our customers expectations and needs through innovation in products and services; our "Value-in-Use" philosophy. Such excellence in maintained by treating partnerships with our customers and suppliers and by empowering our employees to develop and improve each and every facet of those relationships.

A brief company biography.

Tri-Dim Canada was formed in 2000. It was previously known as BVG Environment. BVG , founded on the belief that the air filtration industry required a greater emphasis on service, partnered with Tri-Dim Filter Corporation™ in the early 1990's to offer Canadian industry a fresh alternative in the air filtration industry.

Beginning in the pulp and paper mills of Eastern Canada, BVG quickly grew and diversified adding pharmaceuticals, chemical and power generating plants, commercial centers and other large manufacturing facilities to its list of customers. With the clout of Tri-Dim® Filter Corporation, one of North America's largest and most recognizable air filter manufacturers, we have been able to further expand our operation into new industries and territories.

Despite this success however, any future growth will depend solely on our continued commitment to our customers and to overall Total Customer Satisfaction.

Last Updated on Friday, 22 February 2013 13:20