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ASHRAE 52.2 - Proposed Changes PDF Print E-mail

ASHRAE 52.2-2012 is the current revision of the HVAC industry’s air filtration test method.  Because it is a standard that is under continuous maintenance, addenda are published between the 5 year revisions to make any changes ASHRAE deems fit.

The next addendum to be published, possibly as early as mid- to late-2014, is known as “Addendum a”.  The addendum will make changes to the MERV tables, Table 12-1 and Table J-2 in the standard.  The changes address key issues regarding variability of the standard, specifically the MERV 8 through 11 overlap issue and the need for each range to be consistent with the lower limits of the other ranges.

The proposed Addendum a is currently out for a 45-Day Public Review Period from Aug 23, 2013 to Oct 7, 2013.  After the closing of the public review, all comments will be assembled and sent to the SSPC-52.2 Committee.  The committee will review and discuss the comments at the next meeting, scheduled for Jan 18, 2013 during the ASHRAE 2014 Winter Conference in New York City.  If you wish to review Addendum a and possibly comment, go to

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