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Indoor Air Contaminants Linked to Adverse Lung Health in Nursing Home Residents PDF Imprimer Envoyer
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Jeudi, 26 Mars 2015 13:21

PARIS—The indoor air quality in nursing homes can have a serious effect on the lung health of older residents, according to the findings of a new European study. The researchers, from several universities, collected data on five indoor air pollutants: PM10, PM0.1, formaldehyde, NO2 and O3. The pollutants come from a variety of sources, including heaters, building materials, furniture, cleaning products, disinfectants and cooling systems. They assessed levels of the pollutants in 50 different nursing homes in seven countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Poland and Sweden. A total of 600 nursing home residents took part in the study. The results showed that exposure to high levels of PM10 and NO2 was significantly associated with breathlessness and cough. In addition, high levels of PM0.1 were associated with wheezing, and high concentrations of formaldehyde were linked with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The associations were seen with even "moderate" concentrations of indoor air pollutants, the researchers said. The study is published in European Respiratory Journal. Read More

Source: ASHRAE's 'The HVAC&R Industry'