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Tri-Dek C carbon filters are available in panels and links with 45, 300, 345 and 600 grams per square foot of carbon. Tri-Dek C is available in both standard and special sizes. Tri-Dek C is a great retrofit solution to odor problems since they can simply replace your current prefilter.

Additional Information

Carbon Full Line Brochure with Gas Phase Capacity Guide

Tri-Sorb Pad and Diecut Frame

  • Pads available in 300 - 750 grams/sq ft
  • Diecut - triple stage filtration
  • up to MERV 7 Efficiency
  • Granular Activate Carbon, 50/50 Blend with Impregnated Alumina - other carbons available
  • Five Carbon Loadings available
Product Brochure

Tri-Sorb - Polyester Media

  • Available in Four Carbon Loadings
  • 60% Activity Granular Activated Carbon
  • Flexible Carbon-Filled Media
  • UL 900
  • Available in a 50/50 Blend
Product Brochure

Tri-Dek C - Carbon Panel Filter

  • Available in Link Configuration
  • Merv 8/9 Particulate Efficiency
  • Internal Wire Support
  • Four Carbon Loadings to choose from
  • Available with Carbon Blends
Product Brochure

Tri-Sorb Cube Filter

  • Available in 3 Standard Depths
  • Merv 7 Particulate Efficiency
  • Internal Wire Support
  • Moisture Resistant
  • 630 grams of Carbon in a 24x24x20
Product Brochure

Tri-Sorb Carbon Trays and Bulk Media

  • 5 Different Bulk Carbon Medias
  • Carbon Trays
  • Carbon Housings Available
  • Disposable Carbon Modules
  • Refillable Carbon Modules
Product Brochure
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