Tri-Dim Canada

Cube Filters

This versatile filter provides a realistic alternative to medium efficiency bag (pocket) filters and obsolete basket type filtration systems. Self-supporting and self-sealing, the Tri-Cube™ is designed to fit virtually any system without the need for modification.

Like the Tri-Dek™, the Tri-Cube™ is available in various configurations (2,3 and 4 Ply). In addition, the 4 Ply XL Plus was specifically developed to offer optimum pre-filtration to high efficiency filters. Achieving 100% removal efficiency at 2.5 micron, the Tri-Cube™ XL Plus Filter is unsurpassed in this class.

Tri-Cube 3/67 2 Ply

Tri-Cube 3/67 2 Ply

Two Ply Cube Filters are constructed of two plys of synthetic media to allow for excellent filter efficiencies and service life.

Tri-Cube 15/40 3 Ply

Tri-Cube 15/40 3 Ply

Three Ply Cube Filters that utilize three plys of synthetic media and offer improved filter efficiencies and service life.

Tri-Cube XL 4 Ply

Tri-Cube XL & XL Plus 4 Ply

Four Ply Cube Filters are manufactured with four distinct layers of synthetic media to provide superior filter efficiencies and service life.

Tri-Cube Reverse RFX Flow

Tri-Cube RFX-reverse flow

For applications that have limited space downstream yet the added efficiency and service life are required - offered in 2, 3 and 4-Ply versions.